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Everybody's opinion is valuable!

Allmost all projects are driven by a number of people involved; Business Development Managers, Creative Directors, Project Managers, Testers, Developers, Operation Staff and so on.

We belive that anyone involved in a project has valuable input and therefore sharing a prototype or draft is necessary.

In draft-it.com it's very easy to share your drafts with a selected number of people and you also have the possibility to share it with everyone on the planet!

Live Collaboration

Within draft-it you can instantly share each others mouse cursors - to point at objects and chat - in complement to phone/skype messaging and so on. Just save your draft and add your friends!

Sharing - a link!

Just create a new draft by Logging in - save it and Add Emails to those you wish to share it with - Then you can send them a simple link on email or via your favorite Social Network!

Shared View area

In our Shared View Area, you can view the Publically shared drafts and the ones Only Visible to You.

A word about Updating Drafts

The only way to change a draft is to be logged in. Under the our Shared Area it's only possible to view drafts.
Private drafts can only be updated by people invited and logged in.

In our full service you can manage sharing roles: Admin, Contributer, Limited Contributer, Viewer
Please contact info@2floors.com for more information.

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  • Q: What is draft-it.com?

    A: We offer a rapid, non technical way of producing prototypes of any GUI application.
  • Q: What isn't draft-it.com?

    A: We are not providing a development environment - we are not Macromedia, Visual studio or Eclipse, nor Visio or Power Point
  • Q: Who has benefits of draft-it.com?

    A: Everybody in a project! From business development down to system developers.
    As a basis of testing, evaluation, discussions - and as graphical and functional demands.
  • Q: What do we need to use draft-it.com?

    A: A computer with a browser. You can test it right now by looking at our Demos
  • Q: What does it cost to use draft-it.com?

    A: Our open site costs nothing. For complete access and customazation please contact us at info@2floors.com for more information.

Demos of what draft-it.com is capable of

Click on the images below, the demo will load under our Shared View Area

"White" Draft demo

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jit Bank Draft demo

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Iphone Draft demo 1

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Presentation Draft demo

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Login Use Case demo

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Tribute to 16-bit Atari and Amiga demo scene demo

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Purple demo

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Iphone Draft demo 2

Load it!

Sony Ericsson Draft demo

Load it!

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